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What is a stroke?

* Stroke is the largest cause of severe disability
* Stroke affects people of all ages including children
* Stroke is a ‘brain attack' that occurs ‘in a stroke' giving a sudden

  onset of symptoms
* About one third of people who have a stroke will die, one third will

 make an almost complete recovery and one third will be left with a


Incidence and Prevalence

* Around 150,000 in the UK have a stroke annually. 95,000 will be

 a first stroke, 24,000 will be under retirement age and 1,000 will

 be children.
* About 20,000 people in the south west will have a stroke or TIA

 (or mini stroke) each year (ASSET for Commissioners DOH) and

 the total prevalence of stroke is estimated to be 105,000 of whom

 36,000 will have moderate or severe disability.

The Impact on health and social care services

Organised stroke care is shown to be beneficial to outcome. Therefore stroke survivors and their carers are likely to require input from a large number of core health and social care professionals during their rehabilitation and the long term. Those involved include:

* Stroke clinicians. Specialist stroke nurses/consultant nurses
* Clinical Psychologists
* Paid Carers
* Speech and language therapists.
* Dieticians
* Occupational therapists
* Physiotherapists
* Communication Support Groups

People who have survived a stroke may require a range of equipment to maintain their independence such wheelchairs and other mobility aids, bathing equipment, communication aids and others.


Name of Group


Swindon Stroke Support Group


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Established over 25 years, we are a voluntary support group keen to improve the quality of life of stroke survivors and their carers and to prove that there is life after a stroke


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Telephone: Lin & Ivor Hancock


01793 529693 sssg@grahamswatton.plus.com

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Stroke Association


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0303 303 3100


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Different Strokes (for younger stroke survivors)


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0845 130 7172

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